tom hardy … james dean

we went to see that new kray twins movie last night where tom hardy plays both brothers. in my mind, he’s easily the most watchable and compelling english actor to hit the screen in decades. i first encountered him in these clips, which for me are at once hilarious and very very horny. something in the style echoes clockwork orange, and even though these scenes are mighty enough, tom’s talent has developed ten fold since then

at around twenty years of age,tom battled addiction to crack cocaine, but the counter story to that is him honing his craft in live theatre. i can’t help wondering if there’s something in the combination of those two experiences that enables him to unhinge so completely in front of a camera. he’s not born out of mere can smell experience in the way he carries things off, but then people who know addiction are always worth watching..sometimes i think the ones who are all neat and tidy early on in life,end up flatlining later on, while the messy ones who try things out early on, go somewhere interesting on the grounds of their daring impulsive nature. the insight they gain renders them convincing with whatever bone they decide to chew on in this life. maybe these are the things that make tom hardy such a gripping watchable actor, but he wasn’t always so confident. there was a time he had to have his beloved dog with him during all acting classes cause of low self esteem. he needed a companion present who depended on him in order to maintain a degree of self worth. dear reader, how darn human is that?

it was a treat to see the kray twins movie[legend] at the old mayfair curzon. even though a biggish room with an exceptional sound system,it doesn’t have that awful blockbuster feel that so many cinemas have. to sit in the middle, close to the front in those deep plush velvet seats evokes a proper cinema feeling. please excuse me for harping on about going to nice cinemas…i only rediscovered them over these last years.. from around the 1980’s i hardly ever went to the movies. i loathed those huge cineplexes that surfaced around that time. all those action man type blockbusterish movies do nothing for me…people drinking coca cola out of beakers the size of rattling ice buckets. the one and only good experience i ever had in a generic 1980’s cineplex was an afternoon in leicester square to see prince’s purple rain, where i cried like a baby during the title song at the end on a near empty was bliss. i was a river of tears.tom hardy legend

another film we went to see last week was a special preview of ‘life’..the final six months of james deans life while he wasn’t completely famous. it’s a beautiful thing to watch…very subtle and completely different to the tom hardy one. the fella who plays james dean is cute as buttons and captures the character in a canny gentle personable way.

after the movie the director anton corbijn took to the stage and gave one of those question/answer things for half an hour. he’s a lovely understated man, and was the main reason i came. you may already know that his career started out as a photographer for bands like joy division and depeche mode…i loved the visuals he did for those groups, so it was great to encounter him more closely,as he winds down his career as a photographer to become a fully fledged movie director.y’know it must be great to grow up in london…that’s what i came away thinking after seeing tom hardy in ‘legend’..tom was raised in hammersmith,and i’m thinking to grow up in that urban setting surely must arm a young person with serious street smarts.. country boys and girls have a lot of catching up when they come to a city.

here’s a picture of the much loved curzon in soho in the late 1950’s..the exterior hasn’t changed much at all…let’s hope it doesn’t get knocked down next year as they forge ahead with the new cross rail thing…why why why can’t they just plough through that hideous angus steakhouse further down the road instead…….kiss kiss readers ..mary fairy liquid.columbia-cinema-curzon-soho-1958-00o-2hc

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