child in time

i’d like to show you my lady garden … isn’t it good.IMG_3175

in my mind those figurines are the three degrees singing ‘when will i see you again’.  y’know gardening’s a pure and sure sign of age. when i was younger living in ireland, thomas would come over on visits despairing how i never cut the grass. in summer it grew four foot high, but i was fine with that.spiky thistles would appear, and i’d perceive it as a natural meadow. how i loved smoking joints out there in the summertime. these days i’m drug free, hoovering carpets, dead heading flowers, and it’s freaking me out. in turn it’s making me freak the garden out by rendering the scene devoid of any good taste. it’s full of ghosts peeping out from behind flowers. when a dear german friend of thomas’s was over, he didn’t like it at all, but i wonder if the worst taste is what aspires to be good taste itself.IMG_3169IMG_4616 - Version 2

here’s another sign of age.. this is a picture of the coarse thick one inch long hair i pulled out of my nostril this morning…please kill me now.IMG_4602

another sign of age is’s a blue blanket for those who were teenagers in the early 1970’s..little levi corduroy jackets and jeans..suede chelsea boots. let’s not forget those t-shirts that folk my age just love to wear.i have em all. lou reed..cockney rebel…ones with record labels on them..clockwork orange.. extinct recording studios. my clothes yell david cassidy and the partridge family, and i’m 56 years old, but does it really matter?IMG_2898

the most awful sign of ageing happened to me a while back … i was wanking furiously at four in the morning in the hope of getting some sleep…mid-stroke i found myself fumbling around in the dark for my asthma inhaler.. so i gave up and just glowered at the ceiling.IMG_3153

all i can say is thank heavens for modern technology. computers and the dolly-net plunge us into the 21st century weather we like it or not.. we get to hear all the new music for free. i for one love lots of it , but it won’t stop me singing the bee gees in the kitchen ..oh god no.

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7 Responses to child in time

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  2. laurieleec says:

    i love your garden,,,it is surreal, the giant coin under the tree had me mesmerized, had to study it quite some time. …love that Laurel and Hardy oversee it all from their nook. age is strange alright, my pa is almost 94, it is rather gruesome in some aspects….I’m bomb proof now, his caregiver so long:-)


    • thanks laurie… the coins are cement,and i covered them in gold masonry paint… i dream of a little shed out there painted pastel stripes,and then inside i’d have a little portable record player with a small stack of old 45’s and a tin of biscuits with a bench for two people to sit on…next year maybe .


    • how was the california weather for you this summer laurie…i heard all about the bush fires and drought…i wonder how that effected you,cause you’re not so far from all that…i wondered if any of it was blowing in the wind towards you.


  3. Richard Malpas says:

    I love pastel colours…soothing, and remind me of childhood…So you have been busy in your garden, you did say a little while ago that it was a mess….Love those coins…especially the Wren on the farthing in the tree…..Sheds are a strange escape…I have three..! We are starting an allotment very soon and a new shed is needed….escapism at it’s utmost….We planted up a new bed at the front of the house and yesterday laced it with a variety of bulbs…Something to look forward to….I like your garden though, it’s yours, it has your mark on it….Enjoy it Mary of the Titchmarsh…..


    • i love allotments richie ..there’s a shared experience in those situations…folk giving each other help with growing things,over shared mugs of tea and knowledge in each others sheds. i’m glad you like our little patch…it’s not to everyones taste,but who cares …i’d like to trick it out a bit further really..i was looking to find some old vending machines off eBay…like a fruit n nut or cadbury thing,so that might happen one day…it’d be nice to make it work in the winter..maybe light it up so i can see the snow on the chess pieces at night from the living room window. i dream of a shed in vertical pastel stripes,with a tin of sweets in there and a portable record player or something. i smiled when i read that you have three sheds..two for tools and stuff perhaps..and maybe one as a private space i’m thinking…i know someone who has a complete recording situation in a really tiny one and he makes seriously good recordings in there…he loves it.


  4. Richard Malpas says:

    Obtained keys to new allotment last week, most of it is now turned over and shed arrives today ! Already being offered advice and received gifts in the form of vegetables….that’s what it’s all about…..

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