the selfie

 i do believe the selfie stick is one of the most melancholic things to appear on the market since the blow up doll…it’s just too’s for dear folk with no company or lover or friend to catch the moment for them … a selfie stick is for shy lonely tourists who dare not ask fellow strangers to snap a picture when they finally arrive at the wonder of their world.

there was an interview with a music photographer on soho radio recently, where they asked him if it’s difficult dealing with the fact that everyone’s taking photographs these days, and he said it’s very much marginalised his place in the scheme of things…it broke my heart…i liked the idea of legendary photographers…when fledging artists got their picture taken by mick rock or linda mccartney or gered mankovitz, it was like some sort of rock and roll blessing…..

now everyone’s taking great photographs, and i guess it’d be dumb not to feel the joy of that. it feeds our minds by nudging us to keep our eyes peeled for interesting things.

dear reader…are you on instagram? … i came to it late, but love that little gizmo .. it’s a small yet sweet way of exercising the creative muscle, while giving a playful personable insight into our days, if we so choose to reveal any of those details …….here’s mine 

due to my inherent vanity, i’m learning how good looks have the same drawback as one really gives a fuck unless it’s their own…an idea like that hints to send the lens in the opposite direction, allowing the photos to become less about ourselves and more about the world around us…it’s a cliche the way we’re all taking pictures of sodding flowers in summertime, but i’m all for it..we’re homing in on a beauty that is not ours..that’s a subtle but serious step in personal evolution.

i mean…it gets pretty ridiculous…it’s now too easy to pass ourselves off as jet setting johnnies…the filters on the camera can make you and your environment look like stars in penthouses, or you can do the opposite and make you and your environment go all gritty and edgy, when in reality, we’re all just sitting here in our favourite jeans, stinking of piss and biscuits…inescapably human…

here’s a new song i’ve written regarding all of the above..loads n loads … mary fairy liquid.

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8 Responses to the selfie

  1. Just love your opening sentence. V. Funny, and so true.

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  2. icantexplainmyfeet says:

    love the lyrics.

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  3. thank God they don’t have Smell-o-grams yet…great reading as ever!


  4. Tim says:

    checked out your photos. some crackers in there. Love the woman and her neighbour eating peas. Rumbled indeed.

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