the walkie talkie


you can’t just walk in .. oh god no … you got to book a darn table, even if only for alcohol. on the ground floor before riding the elevator, there’s a similar search system that happens at airports..the emptying of pockets..walking through underwhelming feel up from a security man .. the whole bit.

once you’re up there, you get a sensation that fizzes out pretty fast. the view is tremendous, but for how long can you look down at a river and a bridge before feeling a little removed? it occurred to me the richest views are on the ground at street level.

a thing that intrigued me was how young some of the folk are up there. maybe i’m just old, but there’s no way this scene was so casually accessible when i was of twenty seven years. here’s a pretty girl taking her selfie. ย ย IMG_1693 - Version 2IMG_1669 - Version 2IMG_1655

my curiosity is now well and truly quenched ….i need never go up there again.. the pricey food was bland, and because restaurant and bar sort of overlap, several sources of music clash and merge while you eat…pure noise pollution .. like having yer grub in a sodding airport… the toilets were real nice though…no urinals .. just little private cabins .. i went in one for an executive wee wee, and while checking my thick lustrous hair in the looking glass,i imagined hard men doing krafty lines of coke off the chic darkly lit surfaces.

10415610_802638823088361_4903162479257973608_nwhen me and thomas left to go home, we passed the bridge bar on kingsland road, with both of us resolving to be far far happier in there…it’s a gorgeous little snug right by the living pavement. we love that’s some pictures … for me, skyscrapers are fun from a distance or in a dream, but it’s ironic how a view is more satisfying right down on street level. london’s a curious city to witness right now.. as it morphs it’s way into something new,you can sense a force from folk who do not want to see their baby thrown out with the bathwater. i think it’ll be good…all that bladerunner chrome and glass, creates a desire for grittier places that are small and warm. all my loving dear reader .. mary fairy liquid.10363825_805448456140731_6684867584294007063_n10336720_805448526140724_8439286238089257629_nIMG_1726

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17 Responses to the walkie talkie

  1. Richard Malpas says:

    Hi Mary, I would find the Bridge bar more appealing than the tower….not much character and atmosphere….Interesting to discover these new buildings I suppose…..but I prefer character…Good to hear from you again…..How’s the log-garden…?


  2. hi ritchie..the gardens a fuckin mess actually,but i don’t care…i’m gonna get some nice big men in to do the work proper,and i’ll just come out on the hour with big mugs of tea and biscuits for the dolls.

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  3. Richard Malpas says:

    You’re such a flirt…hahaha..we have a builder in at present and copious amounts of tea always goes down well….


  4. that’s not all that’d ‘go down well’ round here,i can tell you.


  5. Richard Malpas says:

    You bad boy…hahaha..!


  6. Tim says:

    Give me the old traditional any day. Nice to see the yellow overcoat getting an airing (looks like the same one) and the barnet nice and thick and glossy. Winter coat I guess. Where’s the friggin Spring gone?


    • hi tim … the barnet’s been cut now for the sunshine (monday, according to the internet) … it’s all short and scrubby like a deck brush … you’d get such a thrill if you dragged your gussets over it.

      i saw a picture where you’ve painted your taxi office… you did it good xxx


  7. Marianne says:

    Nice view ๐Ÿ‘but too right its better to have both feet on the ground and see real people -even if the toilets are a bit sticky down there ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„Still enjoy reading your storys ,makes me smile .Yep the dane is still her ,and waiting for some of that spring they always promise ๐Ÿ˜œHad a good few days in bangkok tho ,but the sun left me behind ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒžhappy easter my friend ๐Ÿ˜˜


  8. not all toilets are sticky on the ground marianne … many, like ‘the bridge bar’ have a scrubbed integrity about them … i’ve never been to bangkok, but it looks so nice in photos..lovely food i imagine…what a fantastic thing to do…..the sunshine is on it’s way. xxx


  9. the first place sounds like a bad case of the Emperor’s New Clothes


    • that’s pretty much how it felt kathy … in my dreams they’d get rid of the restaurants,quieten it right down, and get brian eno to curate the most delicate and peaceful of ambient music…no food….just the vibe and free for all who need a little bit of calm.

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  10. Tony Lawson says:

    I miss London in some ways. Thanks for the stroll.


  11. Tony Lawson says:

    I spent one year in Tooting Broadway, one year in Commercial Road (before it became trendy), and two years in Redbridge (Wanstead Park). Great memories of pre-Thatcher (just) student lifestyle!


  12. Richard Malpas says:

    I have just read that the Black Cap is closing down…Sister-in-law spent many a night in there..


    • a lot of people will be very sad about that ritchie …

      the interesting thing about that culture is you can’t hold it’s a bit like a snooker ball under a carpet….you tramp on it,and it just springs up somewhere else … you could put all the homos on a rocket and send it off to mars,and as sure as the day is long,young men and woman will make love,have babies,and there’ll be a proportionate constellation of ziggys and madame georges generating new fairy dust for the world, all over again.

      i hope you’re getting a chance to enjoy this amazing sunshine. xxx


  13. Richard Malpas says:

    I love the way you put that…hahaha…..The sunshine is wonderful but the wind is chilly….but it is still only April….Take care dear chum….


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