london town in december

IMG_0107 - Version 8an interesting time for heading into london is early morning early week. only then will the roaring beast reveal a side of itself standing in sweet contrast to the stag and hen parties who bulldoze her midnight hours.

park lane is a fun stretch of road for entering the heart of the town…even when you’re not majorly rich,it’s easy to imagine yourself flushed with cash as you sail on by. one of my favourite things is to wave like the queen of england from the passenger seat to other drivers…i do that little rolling wave that her majesty does,and when others, to my delight wave back, i nearly have a wee wee…and that’s the thing about london…folk who don’t live there say it’s a hard cold place,but i find londoners warm and forthright..they have to be. there’s no way you could survive there without manners. perhaps on the underground trains folk zone out like the living dead,but that to me seems a civilised act,given the claustrophobic nature of those carriages.

so anywayyyyyyyyy….we’re sailing down park lane past the hilton where i loudly exclaim to thomas how cool it would be to hang out at the bar on the top floor, so driving home,he pulls in, and up we go….dear reader..the high panoramic view is ace,but what was even more fun was how our revery got gatecrashed by two old ladies who were just on their way home from visiting prisoners..y’ their words “really bad people” their whole thing was how everyone is nourished by compassion…they talked of how one day many of these men and wimmin would walk free,and if they garner some sense of self worth while banged up,then chances of them derailing anything once returned to the world, are in better check..and i agree.

what’s also interesting about that little anecdote was these two old ladies/sisters,were very very working class…sarf londoners,yet we weren’t sitting in a cafe eating chip butties…we were on the 28th floor of the buggery park lane hilton…so maybe london doesn’t give a flying fuck about class after long as you pay your bill and you’re not acting like a bellend,it’ll gladly bring biscuits to your table…here’s the view down on to hyde park corner from where we drank our alcohol.IMG_0148

a similar thought occurred to me earlier on in the day….we were walking round mayfair and st james,when we happened upon turnbull & asser….do you know turnbull & asser?… it’s this old school shirt fitter on jermyn street…everyone from winston churchill to stephen fry gets their shirts made in there…it’s a tradition for them to make the shirts and ties for james bond. you’d think it would be real stuffy, yet i so wanted to go in for a nosey…it definitely has a very civilised atmosphere,but it’s got a big heart too…the shop assistants sensed my genuine wonder and would’ve weighed me up in a second as someone who wasn’t going to be spending lolly on that day,yet still they gave me and thomas the most warm and informative education on their history…we must have chinwagged with those shirt fitters for a good half hour…once again london felt not the least bit hung up on class.turnbull-label1

there’s all these galleries round albermarle street by the ritz hotel…these joints aren’t exhibitions…they’re there selling the gear…miro…picasso…whatever…so we mince our way inside…evesdropping on our conversation, they can tell we’re not potential customers,yet once again,they’re sweet and chewy as toffee,regardless of their posh plummy voices..i adored this painting…i’d fantasise about owning this…i’d throw out the telly and look at this for a lifetime. IMG_0095 - Version 3

dear reader…i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it…me is in a fairly good mood. it’d be camp if it holds, cause this is a tricky time of year isn’t it…the past…the future…money…the kindness..the emptiness…the kindness…

much love … always… sweary mary of the wilderness.deliveries

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10 Responses to london town in december

  1. Enjoyed reading something positive about my old hometown (sadly the economic situation there chewed me up and spat me out) Yes the people do have great communication skills and there’s always some new adventure if your eyes are open to it!

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    • of course you’re right kathy…it’s a major drag that too many londoners themselves can’t afford to live odd and ironic… found and function in berlin now…i’m in awe of that.


      • i surprised myself 🙂 It’s a great place to be!


      • i know a few folk who’ve headed out from here to berlin now…all of them extremely interesting…one of them even got shortlisted for the turner prize this year…i feel a bit daft for not getting round to learning that city..i should do…i used to go there regularly in the 70’s when i was in a teen group,but it was a very very different city in those times….here’s me on german telly…i’m the one with the pink guitar hellbent on upstaging the singer…


  2. Richard Malpas says:

    You two do have some fun, you sometimes remind me of a couple of cheeky school-lads… days….I love that art-work. It reminds me of the work of Edward Hopper. He has an uncanny way of capturing light and shade…….so clever…Much of his work is based on light coming through a window……I would like to say that I wish you, James and Billy Fields a merry Christmas and happiness for the New Year….catch you later fella….x


    • hi ritchie…yes!…i know what you mean…hopper was great with space and light,and that picture has that too…y’know we’re not really like cheeky school lads,but i love that idea…thomas is the super sensible grounded one … i’m the mischief … it does his head in,but is hopefully fun for him too…..merry merry christmas to you also’re a total sweetheart and i love hearing from you…give my love to calli,the brilliant singer that she is. xxx


  3. Richard Malpas says:

    Always thought you had the mischief in you ever since I watched the video of Working Class Hero and the one of Rosetta Stone where you were irking the front-man…brilliant… Cheers..!!


  4. tim says:

    read. love the painting also. bird’s got a great ass ! love to all at Ciggy Towers. Catch you in 2015


  5. laniersmith says:

    Yes … yes. Lovely and this post made me miss London. Every person I met there on my last visit was perfectly lovely to me in spite of my horrendous California accent. And I am so very grateful for the kindness. I loved every inch of this one Mary.


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