letting the guard down for the lens

IMG_1226 - Version 2

there are folk who can finger their way around a camera like it’s second nature to them,but i’m an absolute disaster when it comes to technology, so the plan is always to try make these very limitations work for me as best as possible.

brian eno and david bowie had an interesting strategy for keeping things spunky in a professional recording studio..they’d get their top banana world class musicians to swap instruments in the hope that it would revive a raw urgent feeling if things got a little bit too slick. a perfect example of that is the bowie song ‘boys keep swinging’..the drummer swaps places with the guitarist and so forth. the results sound like high school kids playing at an end of term celebration.

i sometimes think about that when i get round to making videos…it gives me hope that i might get interesting results if i just thrust the camera into the hands of a friend who isn’t familiar with the toy. in the case of this clip i was lucky enough to be hanging out with a very intrepid seventy year old …one day we got high on marijuana fruit juice,then headed towards a wind storm in a quarry…it was hot and dusty…my video camera was foreign to him…his eye sight wasn’t great, but he ripped his way through the dust clouds like a thirty five year old…we were both a mess afterwards…the dust gave us sort throats and eyes for days. that evening we viewed the footage laughing …to a slick pro it may have looked unusable..but in my eyes it felt loose and freeform..and i love that.

the footage then just sat around until the right song got written that might lend a strange sense to the drama … y’know there’s a lovely moment when you slide the right piece of music underneath some video footage for the first time, where it all suddenly comes alive .. it’s a wonder of nature how music can drive an emotional charge into moving pictures.

there’s also something wild about letting the guard down and giving yourself up to a camera lens. you’re never sure what it will reveal about you.in the case of this video all i can see is damage and wilful isolation, in search of resolve.

always…mary of the wilderness .

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12 Responses to letting the guard down for the lens

  1. Loretta says:

    Always love to read your goings on :))))))))))


  2. Richard malpas says:

    I watched this yesterday, love it……the music gels with the video…..That is what I appreciate about your work, there’s always something very different…..It looked fun….Take care Mary of the fizzy fuzzy pop…..


    • you wouldn’t know it from that video ritchie,but i do come down to earth to take great care..especially now the cold winter is on the way….and i hope you’re taking care also…i’m thrilled you like that video…songwriting feels natural to me,but making video is a whole other challenge..so i’m pleased you like it….xxx


      • Richard malpas says:

        As I watched I thought of a track by Jesus Jones that I have on an album…..It depicts that ‘stoner’ look…It’s called ” Idiot Stare…I hope you see the light side of that…I loved the video, captured the moment just right……Take care MaryLemonade…;-)


      • it’s all open to each persons interpretation ritchie…i can only be happy that anyone even watches these things. i personally see devastation in that persons eyes as he tries to find his way towards some sort of resolve, more than i do an idiot…but i can easily understand why somebody would see an idiot.


  3. marianne says:

    That’s one hell of a sandbox you were playing in… one hell of a beautiful song too… somehow i find it encouraging… i hope you too! ; )


  4. i can see what you see,marianne…a kid in a sandbox … more than anything i’m glad you like that song..that’s very encouraging for me,so thanks!!!..i spent a long time digging that one out of myself.


  5. Richard Malpas says:

    Please don’t get me wrong, I also saw a confused and troubled mind, there were a few certain points where you look lost…the song i referred to only came to mind then…believe me, I enjoyed it, and would never see you as an idiot, on the contrary…. 🙂 can you relate this to your video of Keep your powder dry..? That was an interesting video and song…went hand in hand…..


  6. laniersmith says:

    I loved it…The song is up-side-down beautiful. Now I must turn my heart right side up. Yes Yes there is flight beyond the edge.


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