hey there beautiful…shine for marys camera.

IMG_0904 - Version 2IMG_0909
IMG_0882 - Version 2IMG_0964 - Version 2IMG_0921 - Version 3IMG_0958IMG_0989 - Version 2

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4 Responses to hey there beautiful…shine for marys camera.

  1. Pete says:

    I read all of these but never reply please don’t stop for that reason


  2. tim says:

    You should do a book of your photos. You have a good eye


    • that’s very sweet of you to say tim…thanks….i sort of see this little wordpress thing as a little book of sorts……the digital age has made it a lot of fun for us all to take photographs….i always remember having a film camera,where you’d worry about wasting film,but now you can snap snap snap without worrying,so there’s a higher chance of catching nice moments….i love that first photo of the cherokee girl spoon feeding her biker man…the ‘pulled pork’ thing n’all…it seemed cute,sexy,and funny all at once.


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