the world wide washing machine

IMG_8464 - Version 2

one of my songs… drawn from life.

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6 Responses to the world wide washing machine

  1. on my second mug of Yorkshire tea now…time to catch up on your posts!


  2. punctuation?/ Never noticed, your writing is always great.


  3. tim says:

    fuck the fall stops you are a grate riter an thas wot maters…Cheerz


  4. marianne bloomfield says:

    So there it is! n what a wonderful even inspiring ‘thing’ you are… well, ya know, according to the english language which we happily sabotage to some degree… methinks, you’re on a roll these past few days… i dunno, the dry desert heat, the pool, all the lovely people… is like the best medicine to me! Thank You!!


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