water of love…deep in the ground..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyesterday i visited an english couple who own and run a boutique hotel here. it’s real nice..a bit niche..if you know what i mean. they do good business hosting fun loving kinky people who come here to let off a bit of steam. one of my favourite things about this place is they have big wooden stocks right by the pool.  even though it’s mostly a homo situation, hetero players sometimes take over the hotel for the occasional organised event that might be happening in the town, so the men who run this fine hotel,have great stories of both men and woman locking their sweethearts into these big wooden stocks to help keep a subordinate in his or her place…..or not. apparently the lesbians are the most fierce.

the dolls who run this hotel are semi retired.one of them was an accountant in hollywood,while the other made wigs for the stars.he made michael jacksons wigs ever since he was partially balded by that accident in a pepsi advert where his hair caught fire from the special effects.. he visited him only months before he died.he was to make several hair pieces for the world tour that michael never lived to do…i enjoy visiting those men…they make for a cool scene…it can be very sexy…if i’m lucky,they’ll sometimes have other friendly folk come by at the same time,and it’s just nice yapping away to these good people for an afternoon.

when i left them,i dandered back to my apartment,and as the cannabis lemonade gently kicked in, a man and woman swept into view….they were from newcastle in england.. fresh off an eleven hour flight.. in the heat of their golden moment,they took their jeans off right there by the poolside, and immediately lowered themselves into the warm glimmering liquid…the sustained unbridled groans they made as they decompressed in the blue pool made me laugh out loud..then they laughed in return.

black n white - Version 2

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2 Responses to water of love…deep in the ground..

  1. Sam stone says:

    What a description. Very funny and real. Thanks for the photo of the stock, I almost didn’t need it.



    • hi peter….do you know sam stone by john prime is one of my all time favourites…i’ve been singing that song since i was 15 way back in 1974….i love that first john prime album…beautiful songs.


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