alf garnetti feel embarrassed by my own baby boomer generation..we’re the ones that should know better..we brandish our loud long haired classic rock records,but behind it we’re just like our parents..twitching the net curtains,allergic to change and colour…dear reader,i hope you take a second to read this link below..especially that ignorant and intellectually vacant Facebook comment…and i promise no more gassing off from me anyway..happy voting..love and cream suede chelsea boots…the mary one. http://www.nickkingsworld.com/blog/2014/5/17/dear-nigel-farage

as a seven year old poofter, i found alf garnet with his long suffering wife riveting entertainment, and i always loved the character una stubbs played…she and her boyfriend seemed so groovy to my young eyes .. i was gently educated by this groundbreaking subversive sitcom.

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13 Responses to p-ukip

  1. jennydevildoll says:

    I looked at the Facebook link.What is this douche running on the “advocating murder” platform? Repugnant.


    • ‘repugnant’ is the exact word for him,jenny…..we have a far right party on the rise here, who’d like us to back out of europe and turn the clocks back….they appeal to angry ignorant people who never ventured too far beyond their own garden gates.they hate the immigrants who come here and make the place international and interesting..they even have idiots on board who blamed the floods in the winter on gay marriage..they’re deeply unattractive.


  2. streetspiritlive says:

    we’re not dead yet… n life looks brilliant beyond the garden gate… i remember a scene from a great film, where this woman so totally and rightious in her mind, chased the donkeys n their riders off her track on the english coast… supposedly her bro was not very bright yet very enlightened… when it came to important decisions she deferred to him. ; )


    • many of generation just want to be nostalgic for everything…i can be nostalgic for the way chocolate bars used to wrapped,or for long gone jukeboxes in amusement arcades,but i have no sense of nostalgia for the bigotry that ran rife, which is now back on the rise amongst many of my generation…i can smell them like dung off a donkey.


  3. Tony Lawson says:

    I don’t vote in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) but that is a good heads up Mary: vigilant as ever! 🙂


    • we HAVE to vote right now tony,if only to keep a backward culture at bay. the awful thing is it looks like they’re going to be victorious today…i can only hope it galvanises an intelligent and vocal counter culture here in england….warmest regards to you sweet man,and thanks for writing. xxx


  4. John Howard says:

    I’ve shared the Blog to my Twitter and FB page, Mary. I found the blog very moving and the UKIP comment disgusting beyond belief, well not beyond belief, it’s not too long ago that our car was spray painted ‘Poof’ in a leafy Oxfordshire village.


    • blimey…i wonder what went through your head,when you saw the car…a part of me would have wanted to have buffed the spray paint to a high shine…..much love to you john.


  5. John Howard says:

    Love your take on things, Mary, it always surprises, amuses and delights. You make me wish I had done as you suggest, rather than almost drop the milk bottles I’d just collected from the step and scream at the top of my voice “Neil!!!!”. Love to you too, my friend. xx


  6. Scary U-kip. Doesnt make me feel like returning to live in the UK any time soon. And I’m a British citizen!


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