hard times lately

this is a song i co-wrote with two chaps in cork called ‘fish go deep’. for the lyric i fantasized about being a heterosexual male … my lady is beautiful and we love each other,but something is wrong…i imagine due to unrest in the political world,there’s been a down turn in the economy,so me and my darling are making the best of this bad situation,and even though we’ve no money right now,she still has one fine elegant expensive gucci gown…it lifts my spirit to see her wearing it. due to lack of credit at the bank,we won’t be going out on the town anytime soon,but i urge her to wear her glamorous dress anyway…we slowdance around the living room of our sparse home, then later we make love…the real love that money can’t buy.. yes, we are sad due to our circumstance,but deep down in our souls we can find fulfilment in our love life.

then again of course,it could just be about a straight forward ding dong in a relationship where the fella is maybe trying to clear the air or wants to make his girl feel better…that’s the thing with songs..they’re subjective and always open to interpretation … often the fruit n nut songwriter is the last person worth listening to…hahaha

all my loving … fairy mary of the wilderness.

IMG_2676 - Version 2

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12 Responses to hard times lately

  1. Richard malpas says:

    Gentle driving beat and lovely variation in vocals….Long drive, top down….


    • hi richie…we who live in colder climates are very good at imagining the kind of thing you just wrote…however…it’s FINALLY getting a bit warmer and the sun out here in england…i hope you’re in for a good saturday…even warmer tomorrow i hear…..our billy will get a shampoo..he’s stinking! xxx


  2. Richard malpas says:

    That was amusing as our dogs are in for a bath tomorrow as it will be a bit warmer….also stinking..!!…It’s been a long Winter….I really enjoyed this song, it left much to the imagination. I appreciate the fact that you put yourself in someone else’s shoes as a direction……but……..As we speak the dogs have just walked into the room…… and it’s bath-time today..!!! Phew.!! Enjoy your weekend, catch you next time…….


    • hahahaha..funny that..thomas also said we should do it tomorrow when it’s even warmer,but i’m keen for today…..oh god…we’re getting old…the weather…the dogs…..hahahahaha


  3. Richard malpas says:

    I meant to ask, were you playing the Sax on this ? …. it’s really moody, pleasing to the ear……


    • yes i was..it’s very simple playing…i never fully got into that instrument..i began when i was in bands,but unlike the guitar,it’s not great fun to play alone…occasionally i use it for overdubs,but you really have to play that thing everyday to keep a good tone…i’m no heavy-duty musician,i’m really just a songwriter a heart..that’s where my heart is.


  4. dig that seventies feeling


  5. Lyla Koral says:

    Everyone I seem to know are going through hard times. The Gucci dress, and dancing with each other on a rooftop or on a dark road is all it takes to get us through. Love to you my sweet soul


  6. Sarah Honnor says:

    No hard time … take it easy 🙂 Just laugh .. http://www.lifepopper.com/laughing-time/


  7. John Howard says:

    Fab groovy funk number, Mary, luverly. So good when we put ourselves into other scenarios and lives, such fun, what would we have been like if we HAD been those people? xx


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