scottee…*the worst of scottee*

Scottee_photo-1-2for the longest time,pop stars have been boring the tits off difficulty is even perceiving them as pop stars at all, simply cause some power that be says they are. last night though i saw the real deal,and even though to me he is a pop star,he’d surely prefer to define himself as a performance artist,but the reason i feel him as starry is because he activates that very thrill in me that was once the field of those on top of the pops or on the cover of a colourful music magazine…i’ve known of this young chap for years…never met him…i’ve just watched him from the sidelines for almost a decade as he grappled and wrestled with his wild ideas,and last night i got to witness all his parts finally fall beautifully into place….this show is called ‘the worst of scottee’’ll maybe tour up and down the country as word spreads,or even hit other countries,so if you don’t catch it this time,do keep an eye out for it.

if you do one thing this week,try and book a ticket at the roundhouse to witness history in the making.all the originality,colour,and heartbreak you once hoped for in rock n roll is raving away in a whole other field.this chap has taken all his own crass mistakes, and mistakes done on to him, but used it for raw material, that for me had all the essence of a great rock n roll performance.the whole show was cleverly played out inside one of those railway station/amusement arcade photo booth affairs…i won’t give the game away,so all i’ll say is his story is extreme in places..hilarious in others,and it breaks your heart. i was pinned for every second,while he walked my mind through his central london housing estate….really….i hope you go,and if you do,let me know what you ends on saturday..i swear you’ll be so glad you went.

my tickets were only 12.50,and the roundhouse is a great venue…dripping with history what with andy warhol having done his pork show there…bowie midwifing himself under that very roof n’all…it’s only a few steps away from chalk farm tube,so the rain isn’t even a worry…prolly wise to book the tickets online

fuck me..i sound like a publicity department,but i’m not…i was just blown away.

learning to love the flood….mary of the wilderness.

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2 Responses to scottee…*the worst of scottee*

  1. John Howard says:

    Sounds great, Mary, he has a Lindsay Kemp look about him. It’s lovely when we discover a talent isn’t it? Like you, I find today’s ‘pop stars’ have the charisma of a coffee bean. Who was the last Great pop Star in your opinion? xx


  2. i thought bill clinton was a great pop star while getting blown by that dark haired girl in the white house..
    if andy warhol was alive at the time,he could have done a truly iconic silk screen portrait of the man..
    steve jobs was a great ‘rock’ star,but too earnest to be a pop star.
    i suppose in terms of music john grant makes for a beautiful star..he’s got scars…songs and voice that heal the spirit.
    i always loved those two chaps in depeche mode…david gahan and martin gore…they make for great pop stars.. i love the glow of beck as well.his new record is great on the ear.
    some of them are great stars for a short moment,but might choose to stay around to do different things…like this man..i love this man.
    for me this is a star in the moment.

    how are you john?…
    i imagine you had to wrestle with a bit of comedown once you got back to spain after such a successful trip in your english homeland.
    i was so glad for you…all those great people coming around to accompany you on stage.
    we love you…and here you star..on this very winter sounding so good.


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