bob dylan in an art gallery

Bob_Dylan_FruitCake y’know that story of someone shouting judas at dylan in the royal albert hall for playing an electric guitar instead of his old acoustic one?
well apparently it’s a myth…what really happened was some chap with a lisp on the balcony saw his girlfriend lost among the cheap seats below,and then hollered “judith! judith!”

earlier in the week i woke with a bad dose of the blues,so thomas generously decided to take me for a sail around london.
we had no plans..we just jumped in the car and followed our spirits lifted in a second..t’was real sunny..not even eleven a.m’s a trip how big cities are completely different beasts before sundown.i’m always looking on with awe at the able bodied labourers who just get on with their manual work regardless of any weather.they came into my mind again and again as we boogaloo’d past the high flying fashion houses.
i was watching a costumer..a big self satisfied nelly,obviously flushed with lots of lolly…he was trying on some serious shit,but no matter what he tried on,he still looked like a sausage…something of his mind-set came through in the body language…his arse was like a big flat pinched kipper,and all i could think of was how the builders i saw earlier would look mighty in those lush suits, and would fill them trousers a whole lot better can’t buy it,and the people who could wear it,are the people who can’t afford it.

i might be wrong about that though,cause as we dandered down new bond street i saw this fella who stood out a mile…motorcycle boots…threads that truly cut a dash…handle bar moustache…prescription glasses..fuck me ridged’s adam ant.i love that man.he’s made some of the most original sounding pop records ever.

dylan2009.0019kitchenettethe high point of our little trip was stumbling on an art gallery that had *bob dylan mood swings* in big letters by the stately door.
dear reader if you’re in or near london,i highly recommend’s only on for another week..entry is if you’re interested you’d need to pull your finger out sharpish,but it’s bound to show around other cities too,cause this is one formidable exhibition.the opening works were these big gates that he’d made out of spare iron parts from farming machinery that he collects through scrap yards…he’d also done loads of terrific paintings,but the things that really grabbed me were almost hidden at the back of the gallery…
he’d done silk screens of old magazines,and played about with the subject matter,demonstrating how easy it is for the media to fuck around with our perceptions of famous people….he did a great one that took the piss out of those health/lifestyle magazines,and he called that magazine’rehab’ had a nubile naked reformed female addict standing by a lake.. a really crappy gravelly lake.i nearly pissed myself laughing..bob dylan clearly has a bone dry sense of humour.

the halcyon gallery is real nice…friendly staff who actually come up and talk to you about the art.

anyway dear reader…here’s to making the most of these winter months,and that we don’t just wish our lives away waiting for summer.

all my loving…
mary of the wilderness


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13 Responses to bob dylan in an art gallery

  1. Spooky. Just picked up a vinyl copy of Blood on the Tracks and am playing it now, just as I read this. It seems almost a waste that the man who gave us Shelter From The Storm is now a welder, but at least he’s happy…


  2. Tim Ballard says:

    Goddard Gray and Zimmerman, lawyers for you !


  3. Tim Ballard says:

    great name for a firm of solicitors. Hope you’re well this fine morning 😉


  4. Richard malpas says:

    Enjoyed that….I loved the Adam Ant bit, made me grin..He’s a truly strange character. I am sure I’ve seen the gates from scrap man on TV or someone very similar to him, a wonderful and artistic use of old crap. Hope you soon recover…..I went and saw Calli and the band play last night, apparently I just missed Tim. The place was rammo to capacity, queuing at the door, they were…one in one out policy…popular band…she buzzes on it….take care…


  5. Richard malpas says:



  6. Helen Lerwill says:

    Hi Mary — it was the Free Trade Hall in Manchester — best wishes from your cousin Helen Lerwill in Manchester


    • thanks helen… getting things wrong is an opportunity to learn,so thanks… lorna your mum?…i met her once ..she came to ireland when i was about five years old ,and i remember her well with lovely long black hair.she was great fun…i remember a black and white photo of her singing into a microphone,with a reel to reel tape recorder in the background.


  7. kevin phillips says:

    HELEN…. I’m Kevin [Phillips] I used to work with you at pga in1980. remember me. How are you… I went to live in London… been there since. Can I take you for a cappuccino nxt time I visit m/c.


    • kevin phillips says:

      Helen…..You were the chic with the halogen white teeth and the sweetest smiley dimples. why not reply? KevinP


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