the first of may

market..san francisco

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15 Responses to the first of may

  1. That’s flippen gorgeous!!


    • i’ve realised a camcorder is a bit like how i used an old cassette recorder before our lives of advanced technology…the limitations means i can’t really change things…you can add reverb,but it’s pretty raw and honest…so it’s fun to just sing and play in the simplest way…in studios it all gets awfully exacting…it’s fun doing those rough takes…thank you so much, roderick mckie xxx


  2. YES christmas trees are big even intimidating… cept for the memory of the first of may which i believe is what is meant when we set them up… i’m always reaching up like a little kid trying to hang that bauble in the perfect place, that special branch where it will shine and radiate something magical like i feel in my heart… and there’s something in your music that makes me think you’re a kid at heart too so i give my hugs and my wishful thinking, i’ve never grow up n i hope we never will is my christmas wish to you and yours.
    Love, m : )


    • i remember it too marianne…it was lovely…by the time i was eleven ,the usual things conspired to fade the charm of it all…so this time of year makes me feel strange…but one day i hope to get over that,and come full circle,cause home and wonder are great things. i maybe don’t make too much sense…i’m not long woken on this winter sunday,but you are right…i am kid at heart…i would never wish to kill the child within,but i do love the idea of going forward and walking tall as’s to the


  3. Kate says:

    Oh yes, superb!!! I love it 🙂


  4. Tim Ballard says:

    Robin Gibb woulda loved to hear that. Stripped back and gorgeous……Gawd bless you, Thomas and Billy xx


    • i loved those black and white early clips of robin leading the group on top of the pops…his toothyness and frilly shirts somehow made him so groovy to me.i love the whole group,but the tone in robins voice is so great…he had such a delicate way of performing …i love all the brothers,but something about robin was different from any pop star….i love it when singers aren’t perfect looking ,yet have something that the cute ones will never have.

      how are you tim?…i hope you’re settled and enjoying your new sure looks good in the photos….go easy on the fags luv….. xxx


  5. Richard malpas says:

    Very very nice indeed…..I sometimes get funny looks from people when I say that I like a lot of the Bee Gees songs. I particularly liked the ” Idea ” album, some lovely songs on there. ”This is the morning of my life ” is a song that has happy memories……Changing the band theme slightly; I played some old tracks the other day and one made me think of you as you played a bit of saxophone. The track is by Primal Scream and the song called ” I’m coming down ”…The saxophone is so moody..nothing more moody than a tenor sax……give it a look and listen, I’m sure you will find it pleasantly soothing…It always makes me think of the days we regularly went to Glasonbury….It blasted across from the main stage one evening….beautiful…enjoy the rest of your weekend……


    • i love primal scream too…their moody things are so good..that song ‘damaged’…bobby and his gang are such music enthusiasts…they know the history,and it comes through in a original way…one moment you can hear the gram parsons thing,and then the next it’s rave culture…that lovely mix of mellowness and outright noise….here’s to your weekend as well ritchie.


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  7. kittyb says:

    Happy New Year Mary Cigs


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