robert rubbish

Robert Rubbish 2there’s a fledging star in london doing great pictures playfully known as ‘robert rubbish’,or more correctly as robert greene.
he’s got natural style…stands out in a crowd,yet in conversation is extremely understated about his work.
someone like that’s just too busy having fun to be acting out the tortured artiste.
this man’s still young and robust enough,that when you see him out on the lash,you’d never know he studied seriously at the royal college of art.
the thing is,he’s part of a fantastic london collective called ‘le gun’,and they’re holding an exhibition at the daniel blau gallery on hoxton square over in the east end.
i think it’s this thursday.. and then it stays there for a few months[i think]
their work is hugely entertaining.. trousers are down all the way,and prints are wonderfully affordable at this point in time.
so y’ could have something very fun or rock n roll on your wall without it being a cliche.
there’s a lot of heart and wit in robert’s pictures, and ‘le gun’ are known to have thrown great events in tandem with all sorts of places like the marvellous rough trade record shop.
starry starry night…
mary of the wilderness.
wankers court
roberts toilet in the colony rooms
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