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let it be in the  living room
today was the day that unhinged specimen gunned down john lennon all those years ago.
he was able to acquire a 38 special with great ease for only 169 dollars in honolulu,thanks to those ridiculous gun laws.
he forgot to buy bullets,and when arriving in the big apple,he learned that new york’s own law forbade the sale of them.
however,he knew a deputy sherrif in atlanta,so he flew down there and got what he wanted.
while he’d been in new york he splashed out on a room at the waldorf astoria,
but on return with the bullets and less money,he booked into a room at the ymca hostel on 63rd street.
in the next room he could hear two gay men having sex.
in disgust he considered gunning them,but instead the specimen moved to a sheraton hotel.
after he’d taken away the life of john,the cops gathered the things from his hotel room and found a listings magazine.
during that very week,david bowie was doing his compassionate and beautifully nuanced interpretation of ‘the elephant man’ on broadway.
the specimen had drawn a circle around that on the page.


when someone like me goes into revery over things like the beatles,i occasionally get wrongly accused of living in the past.
dear reader,my take on life is that the past,present and future all merge into one…
that’s how we navigate through, or make sense of our lives…all three tenses surely co-exist.


i never did that thing of loving one beatle more than the others.
paul,george,and ringo all charmed me good,
but i recall being real young in northern ireland spending a lot of time in coastal amusement arcades listening to the jukeboxes,where i’ve got this special memory of ‘help’ chiming out.
it had such an urgent intro..straight in with john’s call for emotional rescue.
the sound was joyous,but there was something in those words that evoked a strange sadness,that my young mind couldn’t make sense of yet…
my third sense had registered it though,and to this day, that song fills me right up,and it’s clearly one of johns lyrics.
he spoke to me every step of the way.
working class hero was another,and music lovers close to me know i did my own reading of that song too…
so here’s to john,and all the others…
a thought for george,who having just gone through severe grim chemotherapy,had a specimen break into his home and stab him several times.


oscar wilde once said “it’s easy to sympathise with the less fortunate,but it takes a true individual to have empathy for the successful ones”
heaven knows it should be easy, when you think about what happened to john and george.
it’s little wonder ringo gets grumpy.
isn’t it amazing how paul still manages to exude his lovely air of openness.


all my loving
mary cigarettes.
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12 Responses to across the universe

  1. Liz Munro says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the times I lived through with the Beatles music as it evolved…and of Lou Reed and those times…and for introducing me to Michael Clark- what a treat to see his choreography performed with some of my favourite music- a delight! Love from Liz


  2. Marianne Bloomfield says:

    Wow. Today, thanks to you, I learned some very scary facts about John’s killer. That he could have done worse than any of us could have imagined. I miss John still and George too. I never had a favorite Beatle though most of my girlfriends did and would spend hours fantasizing while I just played the music over and over again. I remember so well when Help came out… especially the movie. I had to work hard for the money for the ticket and begged my parents to the point of giving in to let me go downtown to see it. We had to wait in a very long line for hours just to get in but it was worth it! I know, some would say we’re just wallowing in nostalgia… but not really, as this music will live on for many generations to come. I saw Paul just the other night on some late night tv show, they performed Lady Madonna… sounded as good now as then! He still looks and sounds fantastic. I have the movie Yellow Submarine on DVD… its such a wonderful animation and great music too… will have to watch that again tonight and thanks so much for reminding me! Thank you also for the beautiful pic of a corner of your living room… truly a beautiful artistic space that is because of you… n thank you also for sharing all your loving, as my life would be less than without it.

    Love, m : ))


    • help is such a good looking thing to watch…the director of photography really could take nearly any frame out of that film,and it would make the most chic and stylish photograph…i’d love to see the remastered version of yellow submarine ..i bet it looks fantastic…i saw that thing of paul the other night too…the jazzy thing…he’s such a one rides the fame monster better than he……a lovely lovely man….and you’re a lovely lovely lady marianne ,for taking time to write back . xxx


  3. Tony Lawson says:

    Thanks for the mind jog! Total agreement regarding the three tenses. As with all things, it’s simply a question of balance.


  4. indeed tony…today is pivotal…great to hear from you,and good to see your indieguild website is growing and’re a living gift to artists.


  5. Tim Ballard says:

    WCH..The first thing I heard from you courtesy of Monello and dear Geoff (ED Muirton)..Much water blah blah. Love to you GG, as ever x


    • and much love to you as well tim,and thanks for encouraging me all these years…i love your new grey trilby,bytheway….it suits you so good….try not to loose it…hats and glasses are notorious for taking walkabouts.


  6. Richard malpas says:

    Interesting read. I wasn’t aware of all those little facts regarding Mark Chapman…I loved the Beatles, some hate them, who cares…Love the room, and love your rendition of Working class hero…gutsy as hell…..and I recognise the hat from ”If you could see me now” video of yours…you looked so sad and troubled in that one…take care nice friend… 🙂


    • hi ya ritchie…i never like to say or type his name,cause to quote his own words “i thought by killing him,i’d acquire his fame”…so i always call him ‘the specimen’. blue woolly hat…always comes out at this time of got a good memory…a good memory is a great thing. stay warm xxx


  7. Richard malpas says:

    I think the only notoriety he gets is the hate and repulsion. I understand your way of thinking regarding that…Maybe my memory of your creations is simple, it has an audience…..Rock on old son…x


  8. Elma says:

    The Beatles make my heart smile. 😀


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