the pop singles i loved in my early early childhood.

dansette_conquestpictures of lily
lazy sunday
my boy lollipop
distant drums
walk tall
19th nervous breakdown
rag doll
i believe
daydream believer
death of a clown
something stupid
king of the road
a groovy kind of love
a kind of hush
morningtown ride
the 1st of may
this guy’s in love


of course there’s more….i’m just sitting here feeling grateful for such a fantastic early childhood

i also loved rowntrees spangles….the old english ones.
i’ve never played a game of football in my whole life,and i passionately wanted to go to the girls high school.
not a very butch child.


what about you?….are you normal?…are you fitting in nicely?

i never did grow up….
this photo of our kitchen reflects my arrested development..but dear reader…i am often very very happy.
i sort of imagine it’s the same for you… bursts and rushes of happiness.


mary of the wilderness

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14 Responses to the pop singles i loved in my early early childhood.

  1. Tim Ballard says:

    i loved all those songs. 67 was a great year for music. I was 14. I remember The Supremes ‘reflections’ and I was made to love her by stevie wonder.


    • you were a mod/soul boy tim…in the south east of england during a wonderful era…a lucky lucky boy….i too was lucky to be raised in a small buzzy seaside town,which is almost as rock n roll as being a south london boy.


  2. Frances says:

    I hear the sounds of distant drums, Mum was always playing this, I was just aged 7 and made aware of a buidling crescendo in a song. A kind of hush, made me aware of the distinction between verse/chours, and I didn’t even realise these things at the time.S
    Sunshine Girl was a great one too.


    • that’s so true frances….you fall in love with this thing so early on,that you learn the craft without even realising. i should have put the stones version of ‘as tears go by’ in was the b side to 19th nervous breakdown…i was always flipping it over…the sadness of that track had me spellbound…standing there as a kiddie in front of the record player just staring into space,while mick sang of sitting there lonely, watching the kids play while he cried…but why?!…why was he crying?…the mood of that effected me deeply.


  3. Richard malpas says:

    I’ve just been commenting to Tim about ’67…I was 17, bored, did the mod-boy scooter thing. Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home-town…no direction. So I joined the Army….wrong time to do this. The music exploded from all directions, things were happening, and I felt I was missing out. So much good music. I especially love Death of a clown, it was slightly haunting but simplistic. It was a similar effect when I first heard Walking my cat named Dog by Norma Tenega. I can relate to a time and place to all those songs…memories are a wonderful self indulgence….thank you for sharing yours….and I adore your kitchen. If it were mine I don’t think I would want to be any other part of the home. Pure comfort. Lucky man.


    • i am lucky richard,but always know i left home at fifteen to live in a caravan….tiny bedsits in big cities…freezing farm houses miles from the nearest town…no car …no money,and all in the name of music……not once did i take the safe route in my life……i especially loved death of a clown too…..there’s a strange and lovely atmosphere to that record.


      • Richard malpas says:

        Exciting stuff….I think,maybe, that it was the risk of entering the unknown when I left home at a young age. I obviously wasn’t aware what laid ahead, but fun all the same. What you are saying above really reflects in your song ‘ Keep your powder dry ‘….


  4. Karen says:

    That kitchen is bigger than your entire flat in birmingham, wonderfull days, old friends, maybe not so old xxxx


    • hi karen…yes…remember birmingham!…woodbourne road in edgebaston…it wasn’t a flat though was was one room at the front of a house..i used the wardrobe as a room divider to hide the sink and tiny baby belling oven where i’d make cheese on toast….hahahahahaha…and a toilet downstairs, bathroom upstairs to share with several other tenants…i was eighteen…a great time…birmingham is a warm special place…people in the midlands are gorgeous…they looked out for me…folk like you and your lovely mum working the bar in the nightclub….give my love to her. xxx


      • Karen says:

        Yes, great days, I was being nice calling it a flat 🙂 I’ve often thought of you over the years, wondered what happened to you so one day I googled your name and there you were, I still have a picture of you from a mag when you started with rosetta stone.Do you remember that big tape recorder you had, you played it and sang along to prove it was you singing on it.
        Im living in tenerife now my kid’s have left home, life’s a lot different now but so many lovely memory’s. Kaz


  5. Haha, I absolutely love your kitchen. It makes me happy, so please, play on.


  6. Alison Bowater says:

    I remember those record players so well .
    I bought a second hand blue one for seven pounds that seemed a fortune then !
    My sister had about five albums then and i used to pinch them and play them all the time when she was out .
    She had a strange mix including Hotel California by the Eagles,The Sweet ,10cc ,David Bowie and Neil Sedaka .
    Whenever i hear any tracks from those albums my thoughts go back to happy times in my moms dining room .

    Hope all’s well with you xx


    • all’s good thanks alison…i’m in california for a while…and sometimes stay in that place on the cover of your eagles ‘hotel california’ album…it’s the beverly hills hotel…and the photo on the inside gatefold sleeve is a room in there called the marco polo lounge…when my partner comes over ,he picks me up in the desert and drives us down there to hollywood..he likes that hotel a lot…it’s very old school with good comfortable beds….the monkees split up in that hotel!…..hahahahaa
      i loved ‘the sweet’ too..they were such great great fun,and their singles sound even better today… sisters records had a huge influence on me as a toddler…she is the eldest…eight years older than me,so at four,i was hearing what a 12 year old girl was liking,and her taste was terrific…….loads and loads of love to you alison.


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