the pope does not smoke dope … even if he should.


y’know the one thing i found impressive and compelling about that previous pope,was how he hung on for dear life. he was clinging to the pulpit with hardly a pulse,so at least he had the courage of his convictions.. where as this recent cockblocker,he’s gone off hooky, just cause he’s feeling worn down by all the fresh mess around him.

now that’s understandable for the everyday coffin dodger, but if you’re strident enough in your mind to be telling a raped girl she can’t have a termination,

or that condoms are off the menu,when the people of the world need to get their heads around safer sex,

or that somehow all the amazing stem cell science is wrong,

or that me bumping my bellend against those nice old retired sergeant majors with handle bar moustaches is also wrong, you can’t slip off so easily…

get back up on your big old varnished pulpit mister, and get preaching until it’s drained the very last breath out of you, and don’t come back down unless you can admit loud and clear that it’s all been a complete and utter load of heavy metal bollox.

i am quite proud of this song i wrote. it hoses down all notions of false and over egged displays of high moral fibre.

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10 Responses to the pope does not smoke dope … even if he should.

  1. Julie Rex says:

    A bloke in a frock telling other how they can and can’t live their lives…It’s all so wrong!! My idea of “God” is certainly not represented by the BS humans have created….Love to you mary xx


    • and love to you julie…y’know i remember marc bolan talking about his song ‘metal guru’…he says it’s about a connection to his godhead…i love the idea of that…a much healthier use of the imagination…..and i love ‘metal guru’ as well. xxx.


  2. Lyla Koral says:

    Mary thank you so much for posting this. I was brought up as a Catholic, and have seen things that were covered up. I had a hostile encounter with two priests over a will of a friends. I caused a scene at the funeral, and solved the situation, and am glad I did. This is a song I will cherish and pass on to my friends. You are such a dear you know xo


    • that’s a wild story lyla…i’m glad you got the situation solved….i can’t handle funerals..the only thing worse is a big old wedding…i’m thrilled you like the song,and even more by your kindness. xxx


  3. Neil Harvey says:

    Hi I hope you are well and busy.


  4. Oh how ever did I miss this back in February. Thank you for helping me find this wonderful song. And I love the photo of you lying under the “He Is Risen.” You have lifted my heart today, Mary. Thank you.


  5. Richard malpas says:

    Love this album, play it often…


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