you give love a good name

one of the things i adore about modern technology is how it allows folk to work together easily, without always having to be in the same town.
this is my music set to some glorious footage that a fellow artist of mine shot of two handsome men, who’d recently fallen deeply in love.
he managed to catch them on camera at that magical time right at the very beginning.
it is easily the most tender expression of love i have ever seen set to any of my songs.

i wrote this song years ago at a time when my life was falling apart…
there was no way i wanted to go under,and something inside was telling me that survival would only come about from having a more peaceful,free and open mind.
(still striving for it)

so this video …
don’t laugh, but i want to send it to david lynch … not for any particular reason…
it’s just that me and my friend renee who shot the clip have been talking about him on the telephone a lot lately..
we love his curious mind…his warm yet slightly thorny personality…..his fantastic hair…and we just figure he’d maybe smile if he ever saw this.

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2 Responses to you give love a good name

  1. sockmikey says:


    The discovery by me of this video comes at a critical time. I have been in crisis mode (Major Depression, Suicidal, yada yada yada) for the last few years due to the breakup with my ex of 29yrs and just made a break-through last November.

    In June I discovered I had Cancer and am now going thru Chemo – It was caught fairly early and the prognosis is good.

    I searched for you & what you’ve been up to recently when I was going through my CD collection a few weeks ago and stumbled across the one you autographed to me. Needless to say, it’s been an inspirational & uplifting experience. The words of this video , the Animatronic Sailor and a few others reach directly into me.

    It’s odd how this has happened now.

    I also think about many of the other videos you’ve posted. When I do, I can see insights into what you experienced in the environment you occupied and how anger (that seemed to stick in my mind) could definitely be an issue.

    Perhaps directed both outwardly and inwardly.

    There are people you gave a part of yourself to and some that took under false pretenses but you’re also clear in stating your cognizance of your blue-eyed abilities and utilization… 🙂

    It would be fairly easy to become jaded. With the astounding memory, intelligence, and ability to alter your gestalt, you seem to taken your experiences and reached a place where you can touch the hearts of others using vibrational resonance through revealing yours.

    I can only say opening up as you did is a very hard thing to do.

    One of my issues is social self-isolation and not liking crowds – still working on it and have made some deeper friendships lately.

    I have a dog named Mia that gives me her unconditional love (and lots of facial/ear lickings) that was one of the reasons I held on. Sadly, she is even more anti-social than me and tends to hide under furniture whenever anyone she doesn’t know is encountered.

    I send love and caring out to you and wish you peace.

    Know that these are not empty words, but heartfelt my fellow traveler.


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