it’s such a perfect day..i’m glad i spend it with you.

i’ve just woken on a perfect summer morning…
the french doors had been left wide open all night, so i drifted out into the back garden naked and half awake.
usually the first thing that goes into my mouth is earl grey tea,but a perfectly ripe nectarine caught my eye,and i grabbed that on my way outdoors.
i stood there in the early sun,stark bollock naked,with the warm ground beneath my feet slurping on the fruit,still only half awake.
the sweetness woke my taste buds in the most glorious way,and by the time i’d slowly savoured and eaten the whole thing,the kettle had boiled.
perfect timing….so i made my earl grey with milk from a fresh carton,and sailed back out into the garden again.
i then emitted the rudest crispest most confident arse sneeze you ever heard,but it didn’t wake the rest of our sleeping home.
the world was still , and i didn’t give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut .
i simply marveled at the pleasure of feeling my guts align themselves for the day ahead.

what a perfect end to a week that started out otherwise.
if you look closely at the shaven ear of billy fields,you’ll see he has ten plastic staple/drains in the flap…
he got into a scrap with another alpha male,and had to undergo an operation..
he was not a happy camper on his rise from the anesthetic..
the poor luv had no clue where he was, and had to wear one of those cones over his head for days..
there was blood everywhere.
but now he’s on the mend,and this picture is me and he on saturday evening,taking it easy.

as blubber chops van morrison once said…”wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time” 

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4 Responses to it’s such a perfect day..i’m glad i spend it with you.

  1. Bruce says:

    Every day is a beautiful day, some are just MORE beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us.


  2. That sounds wonderful.
    Oh your poor dog, It’s terrible when they’re sick.
    I came home from shopping and my Katie Malamute gave me a big cuddle, followed by several happy laps around the dining room.

    I also saw a small dog today, something like a blue heeler crossed with a husky… I have no idea how that could’ve happened, determination?

    Anyway He was old, and small, and alone… and looked like He was very lost and sad.
    So I thought I’d do something as soon as I was finished with the deli.

    When I walked out, the dog was with a man, and I asked if the dog was his.
    He told me the dog was his and that he lives, he and the dog, just around the corner from the shops, and the dog regularly makes his own trip to the shops and hangs around at the chicken shop.

    That might be so, but he was hanging around the liquor shop this time.



    • hi wolfie…i love that thing of coming home and being greeting by laps at top speed round the kitchen and garden…billy does that too…….but i bet it’s YOU that’s hanging around outside liquor stores…you curb crawler! xxx


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