we’re just back from paris…
i’m amazed at how we can just jump on a train in london,and in the blink of an eye,end up slap bang in the middle of that beautiful city.
the parisiennes are loose,charming..and contrary to myth,they give no crap for not speaking their language well,so that alone makes me eager to learn it better.
nearly every black man over forty looked like a jazz musician,and i never heard so many of them over a weekend in my life…
every night the main thing was jazz…and many of the players are woman too….seriously gifted musicians everywhere.
i even heard the american sax legend scott hamilton quite by accident in a little cellar on the left bank …
and also rhoda scott ..a brilliant new york be bop/hard bop organist who’s been living in paris for years.
she’s played with count basie..quincy jones…
i saw them all in tiny cellar bars….

and then of course i had to sample the paris gay fetish world..
so one night after the music, when thomas was tired,i headed off into a scene on the edge of the marais district.
i’m sitting there happy enough, when a cluster of very beautiful french gay skinheads[not the awful political sort] come in and give my eyes the treat of their lives.
there was about seven of them,but two of them were a little younger and very pretty..they were all in boots ,braces and leather trousers.
the two*passive* ones were being ruffed up in a horny way right at the bar by the bigger ones,but nothing was nasty or dangerous…
they’d stop and the younger two a drink and even cuddle them … rest a bit,before getting back to the serious ruff stuff…
then after an hour or so, they all swaggered up the cellar stairs and left laughing and jabbering…it was utter poetry.

i could write loads more,but i like the idea of just rolling out a load of photos i took on the last day and evening there.
after all..every picture tells a story.
what a city?!..
i put paris up there with san francisco and london for my top three.

dear readers…i hope your summer is having its moments too…
hare krishna…
mary of the wilderness.
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11 Responses to paris

  1. Marianne says:

    Allo…Merci for another great story;)) we are still waiting for summer in dk ! But i know its out there – somewhere *** xx


    • the *real* sunshine is all in the mind marianne…i remember great times in denmark during the summer walking round tivoli gardens,and then in those desolated buildings in the 70’s where the young musicians lived…what was that place called?…those kids were great.


      • Marianne says:

        Tivoli is still here if you wanna take another walk sometime 😉 Christiania would be the other place you think off ,very hippi like ,but totally different now ,but they still have bands playing there ,and you can buy all sorts ..if you know what i mean 😉 and its not all ” marys cigerettes …Lol ..I will keep the sun in “mind”;))**
        Ps: love the pics


      • yes..that was it *christiania*…i had the best day hanging out with those other teenage musicians who lived in that desolate old building..they were even younger than we were,and so into thier music…i always loved those big scarves they’d wear…lovely people…i remember in that club called*daddies’ rictchie blackmore from deep purple got up and jammed with us,and the guy he was was with signed me for a solo album to ATCO in america twelve years later…it’s a small world sometimes…i’d love to go to denmark again..and probably will……by the way marianne* mary cigarettes* is really code for a joint…as in *jazz cigarettes*


    • Marianne says:

      Those were the Daddy days ,.staying up Late or sleeping outside trainstations for the first train home ..And do remember the Ritchie evening at daddys ,if we dig hard enough we might find pics ;)) As for the jazz cigeret ,the blond in me did not know that ,but i do now ,and we learn every day ..;)))thank god for that !
      Dont sneak in on us and try and come to dk without us knowing it ..Lol
      Have yourself a fantastic mid week wedensday ..i think i will join work ,apparently they need me ..Bummer:)) Ta ta for now


  2. Karen Evans says:

    love the first pic, its a long way from that bedsit off the hagley road hun,sounds like you had an amazing time xx


  3. sonofwalt says:

    Oh, it sounds and looks wonderful. Glad you had such a great visit.


  4. Todd and Todd says:

    We would love having you over for dinner if you are free next week.
    Let us know your schedule!


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