a day in the life …tuesday 19th june 2012…yoko ono

i’d been in the house for far too long this summer writing songs, and decided i needed to get out for the day and soak up some life..

a friend of mine had given me an invite to the private viewing of the yoko ono exhibition ,so i thought i’d make a day of it.
for some reason *the man who fell to earth* starring david bowie was also showing all over england today,so i started my afternoon with that in a cinema just off piccadilly.
…i did my usual thing of going right down to the front row,where i’d spread out to take it all in,
only right behind me in the near empty mid afternoon cinema were these two guys who looked like charles manson clones snorting powders…
real skanky fuckers…
i didn’t really mind all the grunts and sniveling caused by their agitated nasal passages,
but what really got on my disco tits was the loud knowing laughter every single time there was one of those subtle humorous asides in the movie…
in the end i decided to relax and enjoy such bollox for the pure bollox that it was.

after that i went down to the institute of contemporary arts on the mall to see a bruce naumann sound installation…
it was a thing called*days*…and what it was, was all these flat panel speakers hung from the roof where each one would randomly announce a day of the week…
there were several of these flat panel speakers, and so as you walked through them you got a sense of the banal yet profound passing of time…
tuesday….thursday…monday…..sunday….wednesday….and so on.
it sounds like a load of old cock, but it was really rather cool…

then it was over to hyde park for the yoko ono at the serpentine gallery…
it was such a nice scene…a sunny evening where people wrote their wishes on luggage tags and tied them to yokos trees..
i like what yoko does…her intention is completely honorable..
as well as the whole war/peace thing,she’s all about reminding us of the power of our own perceptions and imagination…
sean ono lennon was there too…a fantastic looking young man wearing a velvet penguin coat and bowler hat with long hair tied back…
he’s approachable…confident…smart, and very enthused by his mothers own work.
i sat watching him while quietly tripping out on how he’s had the most traumatizing news broken to him at such a young age, yet also has a life off set with great fortune too.
he’s also very very musical..this isn’t some spoilt brat…he makes fantastic music….i love that song of his *dead meat*

neil tennent of the pet shop boy was there… every bloody time i go to an opening, neil tennent is there…
funny to think he’s nearly sixty…i enjoy how the pet shop boys music is an interesting cocktail of world weary lyrics over a forever young sound.
duggie fields was there…i often see him at other shows too..duggie’s a fine pop artist who shared his home with both syd barret and marc bolan.
pam hogg was there…
big business men like oliver rothschild were there mingling effortlessly with trampy artists,and it was just the grooviest scene.

i hung around and swapped knitting patterns with the good folk for a couple of hours ,then headed back home to the countryside…
on the train a drippy looking corporate minion was sitting opposite me…roughly 28 years old…
nasty polyester two piece suit,with all the sex of a used teabag…
i only tell you this cause the little cunt decided to tell me to stop singing to myself..
it wasn’t like i was singing loud or anything..i was just humming to myself really..passing the time…
but it turns out i was breaking the concentration of this specimen while he played computer games on his sodding ipad..
he said ‘do you mind?’ …..this set me off,and i asked him if he’d just been promoted to some lower middle management ,and therefore gets to order some poor secretary around an office through his day.
i told him he reminded me of the skinny drippy guy who does the dirty work for ricky gervais in that old television series * the office*…
he was stunned ,and quickly buried his head back into his rancid out of date ipad.

once home i realized i hadn’t eaten anything all day except a bag of midget gems and several mugs of hot chocolate.

so i’m now eating bananas and biscuits with earl grey tea, and writing this little affair,where i will also attach one of the new songs that i’ve been working on quietly over the course of recent times.
it’s about accepting death AND life..
and really making the most of the experience for what it is.

lots of love to whoever reads and listens to this…
mary of the wilderness .

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19 Responses to a day in the life …tuesday 19th june 2012…yoko ono

  1. Tony Lawson says:

    a snippet of life followed by a reflection on death (and life). i dreamt of my father just before waking up this morning and somehow this song was just right. time to get on with living now. toodle-òò.


  2. Carol McGuigan says:

    I only discovered your amazing songs, singing and videos a month ago and am loving your combination of wisdom, humour, grit, glamour and grace. You’re in your absolute prime and your voice is sublime. Your lyrics remind me of Leonard Cohen but you’re very much of these isles. Thank you, keep on keeping on.


  3. ClayH says:

    I’ve enjoyed your music for many years–from back in the Gregory Gray days. Like your music, your prose has a way of drawing me beside you. As I read this day in your life, I felt as though I were beside you in that theatre, in the gallery, on the train, and in your kitchen sharing a biscuit. What a great experience you’ve given me just now.


    • hi clay…i know you have!..i was thrilled when you messaged me all those years ago on myspace…and yes…it has to be personal when writing these things…it’s the only way to make up for miles in between us all….great to hear from you.


  4. Steve Millar says:

    Good for you for standing up to that corporate bellend, his mediocrity was no match. Safe travels x


    • hi steve…i can’t stand it when someone tries to exercise that kind of dull unqualified authority over me…he had no idea what he was tapping into..it was in such stark contrast to all the colourful people at the yoko exhibition…makes me laugh today,but you should have seen me on that train..i just didn’t care…quite funny…you should check out that bruce naumann thing at the ICA if you’re down that way…it’s a very simple installation ,but it was a clean,modern and interesting.


  5. nick says:

    i looked forward all day to read this entry after i saw the alert email this morn. its funny, when i read it i read it in your voice. pls keep going – its sunlight this


    • Thanks mr mcdonagh…
      It’s always a thrill to know someone actually reads these things. I kind of bang them out just for the sheer gas of it,so to find someone like your goodself actually reading them is real nice. Much love to you.


  6. tim says:

    re guy on train. Great put down GG, as only you can. much love dear fellow x


  7. Marianne says:

    Hiya Back ..Well written A day in life ..made me smile and laugh on this rainy day in dk ;)) touching song aswell ,i like it ,and i’ve even been on lake windermere a couple of times ! Simply love the lakes ;)) Love Marianne


  8. Christ Devos says:

    Oh !!! I was at the Yoko Ono opening too !! not the private view….and also at the conversation with Yoko at the Serpentine Pavilion…i spoke to Sean Lennon in the toilet ha ha….her daughter Kyoko and Sean where sitting behind me…i loved the exhibit….


    • hi christ…it was really great wasnt it?!….i was blown away to see the ladder there..that’s how john fell in love with yoko…he climbed to the top of the ladder, and held the magnifying glass up to the ceiling and to see the word *yes*,and he just fell in love with her right there…it was in the indica gallery in the late 60’s if i’m correct….much love to you dear man.


      • Christ Devos says:

        Yes it was the original ladder from then !! John always said if the word would have been *no* it would never have clicked with Yoko !! i loved this exhibit and also the Smile booth !! i have been around the the whole day…..it’s a nice park and the weather was great !! also lots of love to you !!!


  9. oh that’s great..i did wonder if it was the original ladder…. anbd yes the park is real nice..lovely part of town.


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