unfashionable music…david cassidy…10cc

a funny thing about music is people are often willing to say they hate something they actually like, or vice versa, simply for the social validation.
some folk who would like to belong in rock n roll or the arts in general, are prone to adopting certain radical stances purely for the branding…
but it’s a cheap shot that doesn’t ring true to a keen ear….
it’s called *false edge credentials*

yesterday i read a new term  *trendsexual*… i instantly knew what kind of calculating character that would be.

i’d like to untrend myself by telling you i went to see 10cc last week instead of dexys midnight runners.
it was a huge mistake,and i regretted it five minutes after excitingly booking the tickets,when i eventually realized it wasn’t the four original members…just one!
the really dull one…i wanted the interesting ones… lol creme and kevin godley,although kevin did come on for ten minutes to wave and sing a few, like some bloody guest.
they wouldn’t refund my tickets,but what really pissed me off was the photo used to sell this show was an old one of the original foursome.
still…i settled down and decided the albert hall is a great place to go,even if it was to watch a sodding covers band.

i remember at the height of punk rock in 1977 i was listening to a 10cc album called*how dare you*…not a good look.
i’d just discovered marijuana, and at three in the morning i could be found laying on the floor marveling at any music that had some sort of sonic creativity.
i was convinced the makers of these records were all smoking the weed as well,and so i created an imaginary bond in my head between myself and those artists.
it was easy to believe they were making music for young stoners like me to turn on to..and sometimes they actually were.

i was a sixteen/seventeen year old nightclub disc jockey at this time in edinburgh,
and the interesting thing was people would turn up in their punky trendy bondage suits from a london vivienne westwood shop,but they’d be dancing to barry white..
infact,if i were to put a ramones or sex pistols record on,it would clear the floor,and i’d have to fade the record fast and put on bryan ferry or elton john with kiki dee singing *don’t go breaking my heart* to get all these folk in their punk gear dancing again….now THAT’S the truth about 1977 outside of london,thank you very much.
i learned very quickly that fashion and music,even if they are joined at the hip, aren’t always singing off the same page.
this helped me relax ..it taught me to take things with a pinch of salt, and to feel free to like what i like.

at the height of punk i was also fond of a david cassidy record called *the higher they climb*.i wasn’t even aware that it was good because bruce johnson of the beach boys produced it .
there was just this really nice cry to the mans voice. 
it’s the sound of man who’s not feeling or behaving too victorious.

check these out if you like.

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8 Responses to unfashionable music…david cassidy…10cc

  1. I saw Lol & Kev at the Vintage Festival last year so they do sometimes perform as 10CC together – it was a star studded line-up and they only did 3 or 4 songs but they were better than I was expecting – I had no real expectations of them – I’d booked the ticket for Sadie Shaw, David McAlmont and Adam Ant.


  2. Peter Routley says:

    I love 10CC. I love Dexys. I love music. All kinds, a lot of which would be deemed really uncool. Musical snobbery sucks. Be honest with yourselves. If listening to Kylie does it for then she’s doing something right. If listening to Bowie does it for you then he’s doing something right. They might not do it for me but I’m not gonna look down on it. I LOVE music!


    • it’s funny how everything has a political dimension….even music…and how everything has an image…nothing can escape having an image..even a tomato has an image..i’m sure if i knew more i’d find that tomatoes have their own politics too…..i was reading how wood has its own political problems….people who make hand made acoustic guitars are always on the look out for certain types of resonant wood from south america and apparently its a political minefield…even for something like wood.


  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it, People will mention eighties music and “do the cringe”, Yet are more than happy to listen to it on the electric wireless, when they’re alone.

    It’s so stupid, I like what I like… and if that makes someone else uncomfortable, stuff ’em.


    • it’s healthy that people cringe at this or that…we define ourselves as much by what we don’t like as well as by what we do….but when it becomes an exercise in marketing it turns laughable.


  4. MartinMcLoone says:

    ‘When Jesamine goes, A part of me knows …’ Well, I was young and in love (probably). I think we all had a bit of the wimp in us so that sometimes street cred was just too difficult. Dorothy Moore’s ‘Misty Blue’ … still gets me … and that was, I think, 1976.


    • two perfect records..i remember jesamine blasting out of the jukebox all summer long in portrush phils amusement arcade in the mid 1960’s..i remember watching that blue decca label spinning around…and misty blue is beautiful too…such lovely vocals on both those records.


  5. dubdoug says:

    Great post. First 3 10cc albums were great. Each member of the band could sing and write. Generally it was Godley/Creme and Stewart/Gouldman but they worked with various writer permutations. B sides of their singles were good too and never appeared on their albums.


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