dead rock star money

am i the only one who laughed rather than felt angry when sony instantly doubled the price of whitney downloads the moment she slipped away?

what i found even funnier was how they said it was *mistakenly mispriced*….. such a lie.

the only mistake they made was making an apology at all.

if i was sony…..this is the statement i would have written.

yes folks…we deliberately doubled the price of whitney houston records..
please don’t even begin to accuse us of exploitation,because frankly,that’s the deal we entered into with the dear departed girl in the first place.
we gave her unspeakable amounts of money upfront,and in return,we get to*exploit* the product for the term of the agreement…
so dearest pop pickers..if you have a problem with all that, i suggest you spend ten years working in our grinding business affairs department,
cause these are tough times for us at sony…
we had a devastating earthquake in japan which buggered things up terribly…
we were once trailblazers with our walkman personal stereo,and even though we had the technology in place,we lost all our thunder to a company called apple..
and frankly,
for the last bunch of years in business terms, whitney’s been a crashing bore,
so now that she’s passed over to the other side,her newfound deathly aura is a marketing departments dream…
so please let us get on with our jobs of making the money…
that’s what we are… that’s what we do ..
spank us and call us judy,but it beats building bombs sweethearts….
moreover,we’d like you to know,as each one of our deeply annoying high maintenance recording artists inevitably snuffs out,we will exploit their catalogues to the max as well….
it’s a real shame that paul simon and bruce springsteen are in such rude health,cause to be honest ,no one seems to care about anything new they’re doing….
how typical that leonard cohen..the one looking most frail,is the only one delivering anything fresh that people want to hear while he’s alive….

isn’t that just the way?…

pretty little box sets coming soon..

sony entertainment.

as quentin crisp once said…”swim with the tide,only faster”.

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4 Responses to dead rock star money

  1. I think you summed that up rather well.


  2. tim says:

    bang on the money, to coin a phrase…doh!


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