death … fame and whitney houston

i loathed the sound of whitney houston records.the power ballad shlock she peddled out ad nauseum represented everything i hated about the late 20th century record was only later when whitney got some dirt under her fingernails that i truly warmed to her music…and now that she’s dead i’m suddenly in love with all the shlock i hated from her in the first place.finally her voice reaches me like the bald high flying eagle it always was.

death..talent and fame are quite a cocktail.

the question i keep asking myself is if whitney or whoever else would have been any less of a mess without success…and the answer i arrive at is no…fame could surely only distract any us from ourselves for a while.fame on one hand seems like such a wonderful life changing gift.the chance to spread the wings and explore possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be in place…a team of paid people giving your life added momentum…but what about the near inevitable inertia? how long would it take for any of us in a special situation,to perceive of it in normalised terms?.. how long before our own capacity for boredom catches up with any of us?.. how long before you stop feeling grateful? how long before dreams morph into mere schedule and responsibility?

hats off to anyone in this life who fully maintains their fragile sense of wonder.

in our flawed and human skins it takes things far more commonplace besides fame or fortune to develop a dangerous drug habit.( name a few).

i hope that thought crosses the mind of all those mean virtuous folk who will say whitney squandered the gift she was given… i say well done’s a damn shame you died so young,but you did more in your short time on earth than most of us.

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2 Responses to death … fame and whitney houston

  1. martin says:

    I guess the thing is for some of us our demons will get us in the end even if we face up to them or try overcome them such things can never be negotiated one only has to read alister crowley if you can deciepher the codex


  2. Wayne Ingle says:

    Thanks for helping me put some perspective on this awful news. I wasn’t a huge Houston fan, but many of her songs marked important times in my life.


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