curzon street

my favourite time to go into london has always been early mid week…not the weekends…on a mild evening when life is slower, it all unfolds a lot friendlier around the senses…so last night i went in to see that movie *the artist*.it’s a bit pointless writing too much about this since you probably already know how great it is,but ye gods,how nice to watch something a little lighter of touch that rests more easily on the eye.i love how they used all the new digital technology to re-create old technology, only better.they kept all the cute naive aspects of the old ways,but with the bar raised to what present day audiences have come to expect.a silent movie about silent movies, underpinned with a love story, underpinned with a clear message that pride kills.

i left wondering if a film like that would effect present day fashion sensibilities for the better…for the cast wore some lovely could even influence present day interiors,although i’d hate to see a flimsy ikea version of art deco…maybe the art deco fairs i frequent in the summertime will feel an upsurge.

for the longest time, modern cinema environments have left me feeling awfully cold.the steely corporate anti-style…big buckets of cola…over priced rubbish sweets..the fuck awful smell of stale get a sure feeling the money grubbers just don’t care,so it’s great that we now have a new wave of smaller cinemas making a full hearted attempt at bringing back a warmer experience.this seems to be happening all over the country…places like birmingham have been at it for a while.instead of drinking a plastic bucket of iced cola,you can take in a properly dressed glass of gin and tonic.

i like to go to the original curzon cinema on curzon street itself…i love riding down park lane on the’s fun peering into the old ballrooms to catch a glimpse of the huge crystal chandeliers…i’ve always had a thing for those spellbinding chandeliers…the history of curzon street resonates with me on a couple of levels…in the 1970’s it was the address printed on all british RCA record sleeves.i daydreamed as a kid of what RCA house on curzon street might be like,with visions of harry nilsson or david bowie swanning in and out of the i have slightly morbid thoughts about that street as i walk towards the cinema,past a house where harry nilsson lived for a while,which is also where both mama cass and keith moon died within four years of each other…and then harry nilsson makes me think of my friend in america who for while played in a pop group called*badfinger*…the singer in *badfinger* who hung himself, wrote that song ‘without you’, which harry nilsson had his biggest hit with. my friend was at harry’s pad in beverly hills,and went to the toilet for a crap..when he got there he saw how one wall of the bathroom was floor to ceiling glass looking out on to a big garden…as my friend sat on the thundermug doing his business,a deer came sweeping into view,stood on the other side of the glass,and stared at my friend while he evacuated his bowels…nice!

curzon street even gets a mention in oscar wildes *picture of dorian gray*..[the character lord henry wooton lived there]in fact oscar mentions the street in a few of his’s very easy to imagine oscar wilde walking down curzon street towards shepards market…it’s absolute oscar territory.

there’s a few other films i want to go see soon..’the iron lady’,if only to ponder on cinema’s guilty power as a historical revisionist…and then there’s *shame*…a thing about a sex that one is right up my sodding street.

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6 Responses to curzon street

  1. Stresskitten says:

    I’ve missed your writing…


  2. Debbie R says:

    Keep writing hun, really look forward to these missives


  3. Wayne Ingle says:

    Ye gods (as you say)! What a wonderful writer you are!


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