sex…and the church

a common occurance here in the desert is the case of the case of the exploding coca cola cans.

people leave supermarkets and forget about the case of coke cans heating up in the boot of their cars….
sticky business cleanng that up?!
it’s 104 degrees here today……but the nights are the thing…
sometimes i think i’ve found absolute paradise here when the sun goes down…
the bone dry warm wind at midnight..getting stoned outside in the back open areas of bars and parking lots….

talking and talking to complete strangers…all of them either dolls..or nuts ..or really old….or broke…or something.

i saw something last week that looked perverse and beautiful.
a dentist sitting at the bar in the his know..that surgical pyjama type outfit that dentists wear…
but the stealer of the show was his black eye when he looked up from his drink…
i mean really…a dentist in his work gear…sitting right there at the bar.. with a black eye, downing a few shots,while taking council with himself…
his lover and he had several physical altercations…so sad…

so he’s sitting at the bar trying to untangle all the stuff in his head.

and i’m told a high proportion of domestic violence in america is in the home of police officers…..huh?!

i’ve been having a heady trip ever since i touched down on this towns tiny little airport.
the first day i went out to lunch and saw this barman i know with his friends looking very very ill.
he had big bandages under his chin from surgery,and had lost radical amounts of weight…but its funny how you always know a persons face,no matter what the change…
a week later he was flippin dead.. there’s a church right outside my apartment,and out of the blue i watched his funeral service from my front door.
i hardly knew this guy,but he always remembered me from coming out here year after year.
and all the people milling around outside the church are the people i’ve seen in the places i hang out…
a lot can happen in a week…life and death…

and it heightened my sense of feeling alive.

two days after he died,i’m in the bar the dear man worked in,and there’s two english guys over from manchester….
there’s also a golden retriever in the bar ,but the manchester boys are telling it to go away and stop slubbering on them…
the golden retriever was owned by the barman who died a couple of days previous…
i could have kicked those manchester guys…
i usually love the sound of the manchester brogue,but in that moment,those guys accents were really grating me..
the poor dog…missing his dead owner..waiting to settle in a new home…and being rejected by some canal street fuckwit…

it broke my heart.

the locals here are all reeling from the tranvestite who hit town,but was on the run for murder…
his/her name was ‘miss puppy’

the cops arrested *miss puppy* in a bar after someone in town from pheonix tipped them off.

my holiday playlist is three lou reed songs…..coney island baby….caroline says……what’s good.
i play these songs over and over and over….especially coney island and caroline.
*caroline says* fascinates me with its lyrical deftness…
lou reed knows how to pair things right down without stripping the christmas tree of its lights.
*caroline says* suggests/reveals so much with so few words.

his laid back vocal styling is at its best in this song…an iconic vocal.

i don’t drive,so supermarkets are a hassle..
i eat what’s healthiest from the liquer store…

unsalted cashew nuts…little boxes of sundried raisins…almonds ..tea and ice cream…cans of coke … orange juice..pitron tequila.

it’s six p.m…the sun has fallen behind the mountains..the temperature has dropped down nicely to the mid ninties ….saturday night is rolling up on the screen.
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5 Responses to sex…and the church

  1. Robert says:

    So real…all of it

    What bar is it you frequent?


  2. dominic says:

    my trade girls jane & lorraine have called me miss puppy since 97? 98? orbits & circles.. x


  3. tone-bender says:

    i love Coney Island Baby. those little lazy, country-style fills on every line. really beautiful. i’ve knicked tons off that track alone! and that ‘give the whole thing up for you’ thing is wonderful isn’t it..

    i like albums in white sleeves too. clean. pristeen.



    • yeah picked up on exactly the same things that charmed me… i always organize big long playlists before i go away,but they somehow became redundant this year… in the evening in september/october the temperature was in the low 90’s ,and i’d get a little bit high…pad around in my underwear..leave all the doors open and just let those few songs rule…i wont play them for a while now..maybe years,but when i do,i know they’ll remind me of this time out there…his records age so well.


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