an evening with charlie watts

last week i went to see charlie watts play jazz … far away from the rolling stones … in a tiny basement in soho.
one thing i was left thinking about was how fulfilment comes to folk, who do what they do, regardless of money.
the very same thing crossed my mind after hearing the 72 year old judy collins sing with gorgeous ease the week before.
anyway… it was a joy to be sitting at such close quarters , and witness charlie play drums with brushes .
it’s a lovely skill to watch…one brush creating the rhythm by brisk, almost circular rubs to the drum skin , while the other gently punctuates a backbeat .
it’s a charming musical thing to observe,and i could watch it for hours.

after his excellent trio finished their set,charlie mingled with musicians and friends…
i greeted the doll, as i made my way out …
and when i climbed the iron stairs back up to street level, i stalled for a second in the gentle soho rain, and took one last glimpse back into the room below,where i could still see the man among the people… living the life.
seriously cool moment.

i didn’t take my camera… mindful of the situation n’all.
but i discreetly switched on my phone, and took this one blurry shot.

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4 Responses to an evening with charlie watts

  1. Robert Scully says:

    You have to respect a mans passion and it doesn’t often reflect worldly success but it I’m sure its a joy he shares within himself and is thankful for his gift.


    • it’s very true what you say…worldly success is one thing,but simply having a passion to give life meaning is success too…so it’s a trip to see someone who scored on both levels,especially when they’re sweet people like charlie watts is.


  2. Christ Devos says:

    Nice evening story….yes after all they get through they need a simple normal life in public but at home they just lives like they did when they were not famous 🙂 and music is his passion so after The Stones there is another musiclife too 🙂


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