eating…it’s shitting in reverse.

eating ….it’s shitting in reverse…

or as my funny little friend tony says ” food…it’s just shit waiting to happen”.
when you stand right back and look,it’s quite revolting..people chomping away..some with the mouths front loading washing machines…
however…restaurants are great,aren’t they?!…
there’s just something about a clean white linen dinner table that levels and elevates people for them to become fully available to each other.
it’s nice…the company..the atmosphere..a good interior…soft lighting…getting a little bit high on the wine…
if only they’d get rid of the food . the grub just gets in the way on several levels.
for one thing it dampens the alcohols full effect ,
and you’re no sooner at the table getting into the swing of conversation,when the waiter comes and kills everything by making you read a really dull book called ‘menu’
food is a cockblocker.
yes yes..i obviously understand the whole nutrition thing.
i get it together too..
starting the day with a pint of warm water …
blueberry juice…
endless life giving pills
banana/all bran with rice milk ,and only then do i get into endless mugs of earl grey tea.
i do the stretch and breathing exercises…so i’m not in denial of health or whatever…
but i do wish this world would  re-evalute the whole idea of food in our lives.
in my dreams we wouldn’t eat in public.
if we needed to do it away from home,there would be cubicles…just like a toilet..
in restaurants there would be three soundproof cubicles..
one for people to talk on mobile phones…
another for shitting…
and another for eating…
that way everyone would return to their tables fully available for that most lovely of things…conversation.
no chomping…no menus…no dirty steaming plates…
just lovely gleaming glassware for potent cocktails to lubricate peoples minds at the white linen round table.
it also irks me how food somehow gathers status…
oysters which in their original capacity were peasant food,are now the culinary accessory of the flash city boy ..
how did that happen?!
the fattiest things like fois gras are expensive,where a bowl of all bran which scrapes the walls of intestines clean[nice!] ,costs mere pennies.
and books!..the biggest selling books this year are about flipping cocking food….yaawwwwwwn.
i promise you, patti smith’s book ‘just kids’ is a far better read than anything on buggery cookery.
she often went days without food so she could buy art materials for robert maplethorpe…gotta love her!
i have found that food has made me a total hypocrite too.
sometimes when i get run down i take this notion of eating steak and spinach for maybe a month .
i can’t tell if this is a good idea or just cultures effect upon me.
something in my childhood grooming has left this voice in my head that whispers ‘too much vegetarianism will leave the body weak’…
so i’m all over the place with this…but that’s food for you.
the point i’m making is there’s just too much time,money or emphasis on food.
chomp chew burp chew chomp chomp chomp……burrrrrp.
i hope you like the picture of me and billy fields in the kitchen…
food and eating seem okay here…it’s not public…
the reason i like the kitchen has little to do with food…
it’s a place to argue,laugh and make earl grey tea.
most importantly i like the echoey sound …so i can sing and play my little guitar and sound good.
..and the video clip is of a song i wrote sitting exactly there,where others would chop onions.
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19 Responses to eating…it’s shitting in reverse.

  1. Say says:

    You´re kitchen looks indeed to sit and discuss, to sing, to laugh, to take a little bit of the bread and maybe some fruits…. (prefer a cup of coffee) – maybe a glas of wine….. just to sit and slow down!

    So I wish you all the very best for the coming change of time – and a lucky and joyful time!




  2. Robert says:

    my smile is just that much broader reading your sharings and seeing a picture of you with the pup


    • hi robert…i could easily spend a bunch of hours with you over a foodless dinner table in palm springs just drinking margeritas….somewhere like the viceroy,or the parker,or that lovely old school bar in melvyns.


  3. Leila says:

    Dear Mary
    It is Leila from myspace. I too am frustrated by myspace and keep getting comments, however do not know where they are now. I use facebook now and myspace was an easy place to be more creative, vent out, communicate, and be social.
    For it is here where I met you, and your wonderful music.
    Lovely kitchen to congregate about and of course I wish you a brilliant new year!


    • it was about eighteen months ago i started finding all that a bit frustrating and stopped writing …but this place is nice.. it’s clean…no awful ads ,and really easy to use…so now i’ve no excuse!
      happy new year leila.


  4. TONY says:

    I read this while chomping on an apple in public (at work) and drinking mama’s Redbush 🙂 xox


  5. TONY says:

    ‘too much vegetarianism will leave the body weak’…

    I’m rarely ill … but I am ballooning like Oprah in the mid-90’s


  6. John says:

    “That voice is gonna sound great in any room, in any house”.


  7. Angela Loughran says:

    you’ve just made me hungry!
    loving it…
    keep your powder dry x


  8. John says:

    I can’t believe you made that post without being aware of this scene in the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie…


    • crikey?!…that’s wild…. although perceiving of eating as a mere ablution wouldn’t justify having toilets in place of table chairs…. not in my dream anyway…..but that was wild….i’d never seen that.


  9. I’m torn…you inspire me, you also make me feel I’ve a long way yet to go in honing my song-writing craft…grrr!

    Miss you, lets do tea in the afternoon.

    Frances x


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